Software House, Edu, Med and Engineering Tech, AI Blending

Ai Mo Innovation Soft Cottage provides top technical and design talent to clients that want to build business-changing software. We believe that custom software development should solve a problem, not create new ones.  We will be the last technical headache you have. We know that beautiful design and well-written code leads to happier users, more sales and grows your business.

Educational Technologies

We help education institutes save precious time by providing relevant edtech and professional learning services to help them achieve their maximum potential.

 We work with publishers, technology companies, educational non–profits and higher education institutions as they negotiate the rapidly changing education marketplace. Our staff has expertise in developing for start–ups, established companies, and educational institutions.

Our mission is to help your organization:

  • Identify your goals and a means to achieve them,
  • Inform your decision–making processes,
  • Manage each step of the process for success, and
  • Guide your planning and execution toward cost– and time–efficient results.

Medical Technologies

We strive to maximize value for stakeholders in the healthcare enterprise. And that value, as we see it, derives from excellence.

We offer comprehensive services to the medical device/IVD industry across a broad range of therapeutic specialties. Together with the other companies and experts of our network we offer our services to the worldwide market. Besides software development, these services include regulatory strategy development for targeted markets, submissions, registrations, quality management systems and GMPs assurance and compliance, medical device standards identification, pricing and reimbursement, risk management, clinical evaluation, languages and labelling, and much more. As a result, our every offering is focused on the pursuit of excellence.

Our portfolio mainly includes three key domains designed to foster excellence:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Strategy & Finance
  • Digital & Transformation

Engineering Technologies

We mainly focus on electrical engineering and our success is built around our strong client focus and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results at the highest level.

We ensure efficient communication, timely delivery and reliable support to our clients. Our emphasis is on state-of-the-art technology products and services, which facilitates the production and business efficiency of our clients in a cost-effective manner. This is accomplished through developing in-house capabilities and partnering with reputable global service providers. 

Some of our expertise include

  • HV / LV power distribution
  • Utility network distribution systems
  • Power system analysis and studies
  • Substation earthing design and assessment
  • Alternative power supplies including standby and permanently connected generation
  • Beyond CMOS Technologies
  • Power protection systems
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth
  • Renewables energy solutions and grid connected inverter systems
  • High voltage submissions
  • Energy management and metering
  • Multiferroics
  • Hazardous areas / explosive atmospheres
  • Quantum Materials Synthesis and Characterization