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Empower Your Educational Journey with Ai Mo Innovation Lyceum

Are you perplexed about selecting the educational program and institution that truly align with your aspirations? Discover your best-fit educational path with us at Ai Mo Innovation Lyceum. We specialize in offering bespoke consulting services to students and families, guiding them in choosing schools, colleges, and various programs that align with their personal and academic preferences and foster both academic and social growth.

Personalized Consultation: Identifying Your Best Fit

Understanding a student’s academic, social, and learning strengths is as much an art as it is science. We pride ourselves on identifying universities and educational environments where students can truly thrive and grow. Our belief is entrenched in the idea that multiple environments can be a match for every student, and finding this match is pivotal. We strive to facilitate students’ journey in transitioning seamlessly to the next phase of their education.

Impartial Advice for Top University Aspirants

Our team of experienced educational consultants extends impartial advice and unwavering support to parents aspiring for their children to attend top-tier universities. The journey commences with an initial consultation to discuss goals, explore different education systems, and understand the practicalities of adopting specific programs.

Holistic Assessment and Tailored Study Programs

A meticulous preliminary assessment of English proficiency, personality, and academic capabilities is conducted to devise a customized study program aligned with the entrance exams of shortlisted schools. We shoulder the responsibility of facilitating the entire application process, including the crafting and reviewing of cover letters, statements of purpose, CVs, and research proposals.

In-Depth Program Guidance: Undergraduate to Training Programs

Embarking on an educational journey, whether it’s undergraduate, postgraduate, or a training program, is brimming with decisions. We provide insightful guidance on choosing majors or programs and predicting prospective in-demand jobs post-graduation.

Our Array of Services:

At Ai Mo Innovation Consultants, our services are extensive and include:

  • Exploring Academic and Extracurricular Interests: A dedicated exploration of interests to align with educational aspirations.
  • Educational Records and Test Scores Review: A meticulous review of previous records and scores to shape the educational journey.
  • Standardized Test Recommendations and Preparations: Recommendations for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GAT, GRE, and provision of preparation resources and referrals, tailored to individual needs.
  • Identification of Student Strengths and Learning Styles: Comprehensive evaluations to understand and leverage individual learning styles and strengths.
  • Application Editing and Insights: Editing of application essays, resumes, and provision of insights into application readings.
  • Application Process Organization and Proofreading: Detailed organization, breakdown, and proofreading of the application process.
  • Regular Updates to Parents: Consistent updates regarding the process and progress to keep parents informed.
  • Campus Visit Recommendations and Internship Guidance: Providing recommendations for campus visits and guidance on securing internships.

Unlock Extracurricular Opportunities Abroad

For the first time, we are presenting students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities abroad, including Model UN Conferences, Debates, Declamation Contests, Art and Literature Competitions, Business games, Moot Courts, Symposiums, and Student Conferences. Our aim is to find academically enriching and economically suitable co-curricular activities for every student.

Fees & Packages

  • Individuals: (45-minute consultation): $150
  • Couples & Families: (60-minute consultation): $250

Get in Touch: Your Journey Begins Here

Call or email us to determine if we are the right specialists for you. Utilize your consultation to inquire anything, and let us understand how we can assist you better. Questions about how online counseling works? We’re here to explain that too!

At Ai Mo Innovation Lyceum, it’s more than consulting; it’s about ushering you into a journey where your educational aspirations meet reality.