Academic & Career Counselling, Mentorship & Coaching

Are you Confused about which educational program and institution is really your Best-Fit?

At Ai Mo Innovation Lyceum, we provide consulting to individual students and families to choose a school, college, or other programs that are a good personal match and help the student to foster his academic and social growth. we strive to find the best fit for every student. Gauging a student’s academic, social, and learning strengths are as much art as science. We pride ourselves on seeking universities that will help students thrive in the next phase of their education and believe there are always several environments that match every student.

Our team of educational consultants provide impartial advice and support to parents who would like their child to attend a top university.At the initial consultation we will discuss your goals, give you an overview of different education systems, and talk about the practicalities of adopting a specific program.  We conduct a preliminary assessment of your level of English, personality and academic ability. Based on the results, we will recommend a shortlist of suitable schools and devise a bespoke study programme with our tutors to prepare you for your entrance exams. We will facilitate your whole application processing including, writing and reviewing a cover letter, statement of purpose, CV and research proposals.

Whether you are deciding on an undergraduate, post-graduate, or training program, how do you decide which major or program to choose?  How can you predict what kind of job you will like, and decide upon one that will be in-demand by the time you graduate?

Some of the services that Ai Mo Innovation Consultants provide are:

  • Explore academic and extracurricular interests
  • Review previous educational records and test scores
  • Provide standardized test recommendations (IELTS, TOEFL, GAT, GRE etc)
  • Test preparation resources and referrals (According to Individualized Program designed for you)
  • Identify student strengths and learning styles 
  • Create a list of colleges that are appropriate for student 
  • Strategize where and when to apply
  • Edit application essays and resumes
  • Provide insight as to how applications are read
  • Organize and breakdown the entire application process 
  • Give deadlines for each task every step of the way
  • Proofread applications before submission
  • Keep parents abreast of process and progress
  • Recommendations regarding campus visits 
  • Internships

For the very first time, Ai Mo Innovation Consultants is providing students with an opportunity to hunt an extracurricular activity abroad such as Model UN Conferences, Debates, Declamation Contests, Art and Literature Competitions, Business games, Moot Courts, Symposiums and Student Conferences. We will help you to find an academically beneficial and economically suitable co-curricular activity.

Fees & Packages

Individuals: (45-minute consultation): 100 $

Couples & Families (60-minute consultation): 140 $

Call or Email us. This can be your time to see if your consultant is the right specialist for you (that’s really important!). You can use your consultation to ask anything you want and your consultant can get a deeper sense of how they can help you. Have questions about the logistics of how online counseling actually works?  We can explain that, too.