Meet Our Distinguished Core Team

At Ai Mo Innovation Lyceum, we harbor a congregation of experts, each a master in their domain, steadfast in upholding our esteemed reputation in spheres of Education, Technology, Law, and the Corporate Sector. Our team, a fine assembly of Educationalists, Lawyers, Tech Experts, Software Engineers, and Psychologists, is the backbone of our innovative endeavors.

Unified Vision & Diverse Expertise:

While each member brings specialized knowledge, their versatility is not bound by their specialization. This amalgamation of diversity and unity ensures that every client experiences a comprehensive and personalized interaction, aligning with our commitment to deliver unparalleled advice, keeping them ahead and informed in a non-contentious manner.

Our Members:

  1. Mubashar us Saqib GillAdvocate High Court, Lawyer, Pakistan
  2. Ms. Mahrukh MumtazClinical Psychologist, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Mahnoor MumtazMBBS, FCPS, Pakistan
  4. Dr. Rehan YounasElectrical Engineer, USA
  5. Wallace Way Teng WuLawyer, Brazil
  6. Dr. Moaaz AwanEngineer, Journalist, Investment Consultant, China
  7. Krissy DaCostaAmerican Association of Immigration Lawyers, Attorney, USA
  8. Ms. Maria GeageaGender Expert, Lawyer, Lebanon
  9. Ahmed HassanBusiness Analyst, Pakistan
  10. Iskender Usupbaev – Senior Consultant, USA
  11. Dr. Liliya AchilovaLawyer, Uzbekistan
  12. Dr. Jamilya KalandarovaAcademic, Linguistic Specialist, Kyrgyzstan
  13. Haroon HayatCommunication Strategist, China
  14. Muhammad Bilal KhalidOperational Manager, Pakistan

Innovators with a Personal Touch:

Our team members, with their in-depth and multifaceted knowledge, actively engage with all our clients. The multidisciplinary approach of our dynamic team ensures that our clients receive advice that is not just best in class but also future-ready and globally relevant.

Our Collective Aim:

We are driven by an unwavering resolve to offer our clients the pinnacle of advisory services, enabling them to navigate their journeys seamlessly. We embrace the challenge of maintaining excellence and innovation in an ever-evolving landscape, steadfastly keeping our clients at the forefront of progress.

Connecting Globally:

The diverse national representation within our team is a testament to our global outlook and international reach, reflecting our commitment to fostering international collaboration and ensuring that our services are globally relevant and universally applicable.

Feel free to explore the diversified skills and extensive experiences of our core team members and understand how their collective expertise can usher you into a world where your aspirations meet excellence.