Welcome to Ai Mo Legal Consulting: A Beacon of Legal Excellence

Unrivaled Expertise in Technology and Corporate Law:

At Ai Mo Legal Consulting, we house experts with substantial experience working with leading technology companies worldwide. We deliver unmatched advice across diverse domains, including corporate transactions, IP protection, patent law, litigation, regulatory compliance, employment, and contracting issues. With over 20 years of specialization in various criminal and civil matters, we possess profound skills in managing economic offenses and business disputes, backed by a rich library of law books and journals that keep us abreast of the evolving legal landscape.

Mitigating Financial Risks in Challenging Times:

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic coupled with economic crises have amplified the risks of financial fraud and credit delinquency. Our commitment is to shield foreign companies and individuals from substantial financial losses stemming from unfulfilled promises by offering meticulous due-diligence and verification services. These services scrutinize the genuineness and credit-worthiness of local and multinational entities, providing an extra layer of assurance at a nominal cost.

Meticulous Approach to Criminal and Civil Matters:

Our extensive experience and innovative approach allow us to meticulously build evidence, articulate every aspect of charge-sheets filed by Prosecution in Court, and refute every charge/allegation. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining exceptional quality in applications, appeals, petitions, submissions, arguments, evidence, and cross-examinations. We combat the common pitfalls in legal representation, such as hurried preparations and lack of qualitative arguments due to work pressure, by leveraging adequate professional resources and assiduous case preparation.

Regular Pursuance Reports:

To ensure the unwavering confidence of our clients in our services, we offer regular pursuance reports of cases on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis through e-mail, mail, or phone, adapting to the unique needs and situations of each case.

Immigration Services with a Special Focus:

Specializing in immigration cases, particularly EB1 A and EB2 NIW visas, our seasoned team adeptly handles the complexities of immigration law, offering seamless and effective solutions for those seeking to realize their immigration goals.

Transparent and Reasonable Costs:

  • Profile Evaluation: Free
    Send your CV to for an initial assessment, where we evaluate your alignment with the basic criteria for the EB2 NIW program.
  • Strategy Session: $150
    Avail a 40-minute consultation for an in-depth discussion on NIW eligibility and tailored recommendations, a crucial step for EB2 NIW visa aspirants.
  • EB2 NIW Petition Preparation: Starting at $5,000
    Costs are subject to the intricacy of the case.

Reach Out for Comprehensive Legal Solutions:

With Ai Mo Legal Consulting, you navigate the legal waters with seasoned experts, assuring you of comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your needs. Embrace tranquility, knowing that your legal pursuits are in the hands of unwavering professionalism and unparalleled expertise.