IBRAMAC-Central Asia Cooperation

IBRAMAC is one of the oldest institutions in South America which is operating since 1988. It specializes in providing academic courses, seminars, lectures, workshops, training in Law, language, and social communication. It is famous for its National and International extrajudicial mediator and arbitrator training courses.

It is a great honor and privilege for us to inform you that the CEO of Ai Mo Innovation Consultants, Dr. Ammar Younas has been appointed as an Ambassador for the Central Asian Republics by the IBRAMAC. The Brazilian Institute of Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation (IBRAMAC), 1st. IBRAMAC Extrajudicial Mediation and Arbitration Chamber Brazil has also included him in the panel of Arbitrators.

Jean Carlos Dal Bianco, founder of IBRAMAC and a globally recognized academician, mediator, and arbitrator mentioned in his discussion with Dr. Ammar that IBRAMAC is open to any opportunity to explore new markets all over the world and to join hands with experts, academicians, state and non-state institutions to share the opportunities of mutual interest.

IBRAMAC, through its Extrajudicial Mediation & Arbitration Chamber, is a private, for-profit civil entity registered in Brazil. It is a specialized center of negotiation, mediation and arbitration which provide its mediation and arbitration services by using state of the art contemporary methodologies. Besides serving as an Arbitration and Mediation Center, IBRAMAC works as an academic and training institute. IBRAMAC has honor of training thousands of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators all over the world.   

IBRAMAC has signed numerous MOUs and agreements with national and international arbitration and mediation entities and / or institutions.

Its vision is to promote its Academic courses of the highest quality to prepare 21st century’s mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators, with exceptional skills and abilities, and with the potential to get recognition in national and international ADR society.