Our Latest Publications

Our Latest Publications
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Technology is becoming a part of the fabric of modern Central Asian life and expected to deliver great benefits for Central Asian economy and society. The idea of safer, fairer, inclusive and informed technological autonomous systems cannot be realized without great care and combined effort which includes consideration of how technological development and usage should be governed, and what degree of legal and ethical oversight — by whom, and when — is needed. To date, self- and coregulatory approaches informed by current laws and perspectives from companies, academia, and associated technical bodies have been largely unsuccessful at curbing inopportune technology use in Central Asia. Emerging technologies will continue to pose numerous transboundary policy problems in both the short- and the long-term. Autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) may spur development across economies and society through numerous applications, including in commerce, finance, labour, health care, agriculture, education, transportation, politics, privacy, public safety, national security, civil liberties, and human rights. To encourage the development of socially beneficial applications of A/IS, and to protect the public from adverse consequences of A/IS, intended or otherwise, effective policies and government regulations are needed in Central Asia.

Ai Mo Innovation Consultants (SMC-Pvt) Limited and Central Asia Tech Law has issued reports on emerging Tech Laws in Central Asia.

In series of these Technology Law reports, our experts have shed a light on the legal progression of Technology Law in Central Asia and highlighted the approaches which will continue to suffice, within the constraints provided by existing governance mechanisms (e.g., sector-specific regulatory bodies).

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