We are Hiring

We are Hiring
September 2, 2020 Comments Off on We are Hiring Join Us Ai Mo Consultants

Apply for the position of “Technology Strategy Researcher” at Ai Mo Innovative Consultants.

Job description:

1. Research on the evolution and change of technological innovation paradigm, the introduction of technological innovation policies and measures in major countries and regions around the world, and the typical models and cases of scientific research management organizations;

2. To study the operating modes and development trends of top scientific research institutions in the field of technology mainly artificial intelligence in major countries and regions around the world;

3. To study the mechanism innovation situation related policies and measures, development models, development situations, existing problems and development suggestions of different country’s new tech research and development institutions;

4. Research on the operating mode and development trends of the world’s leading think tanks in science and technology;

5. Based on the above research content, write related special research reports, and conduct in-depth analysis and interpretation on hot issues or key issues in the development of science and technology strategy;

6. Participate in the preparation of the Ai Mo Innovation Consultants development plan, and summarize and refine the work experience of the Ai Mo’s scientific and technological innovation mechanism.


1. Master’s degree or above, majoring in technical economy, industrial economics, management, sociology, information technology, Policy Studies etc., Bachelor degree in electronics, computer, communication, automation and other related majors is preferred;

2. Relevant research work experience is preferred;

3. Have strong research and analysis skills, report writing skills and language communication skills;

4. Possess good professional ethics, proactive work, innovative spirit and strong sense of work responsibility.

A competitive Salary Package will be offered. Candidate is expected to work Full Time online until December.

Apply for this position with your CV and a Cover Letter at: hr@aimoconsultants.com

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